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Sometimes, You Just Want to Look Different

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Do you sometimes want to look different? Appear different? And yet you are not sure whether you want that “different” to be long term.

You want to try something new but at the same time, you want the safety of being able to return to the usual. Well, until you are fully ready to look or be that different.

I think, at least, in terms of our hair — its color, its style, we all do. We want to sometimes experiment with how we look with a certain hairstyle or a certain hair color.

Sometimes this is related to an event we are attending or to a performance we are a part of. Sometimes, it’s just seems like a season of our lives where we want for some change, any change to take place. Our hair can be a very easy target during such times.

I would like to suggest that with the help of wigs or more specifically black wigs we can try and taste a bit of that change without long term consequences we might not be ready for.

Let me assure you that it’s not a complicated process. Thanks to online hair care product shopping sites like Black Hairspray, you can easily order for that hair change right in your own home or office. And there are sooo many choices! In fact, let me show you some:

Image result for Wig

  • Explore having some waves and curls on your hair with a FreeTress Synthetic Equal Invisible L Part Wig – Anaty.

Image result for Wig

  • Wear some twilight with you as you wear a Vivica A. Fox Synthetic Wig-Twilight. Go straight and breezy with your hair.

Image result for Headband

  • You can also choose to just go straight all the way. Go with a black, clean and shiny look with an Amore Mio Synthetic Wig – AW-Tria.

Image result for Wig

  • If finer curls are your thing, then there is FreeTress Synthetic Equal Invisible L Part Wig – Beauty. Look fresh and full of energy with pretty curls.

Indeed if you want to look different, the process is not as complicated really. And you’ll have plenty of “looks” to choose from, thanks to Black Hairspray 🙂

A Baby Born on Christmas Eve

Vanessa Lachey is in love with her Valentine! New baby Phoenix Robert was born on Christmas Eve, and he is definitely a mama’s boy! In a new video shared on Instagram on Valentine’s day, Vanessa snuggles baby Phoenix, and kisses him on the head. Immediately, he breaks into a huge sleepy grin, and Vanessa says “I love you bubby”. It is absolutely the cutest thing ever! Vanessa and Nick have certainly been busy since welcoming baby Phoenix back in December. The couple are parents to four year old Camden and one year old Brooklyn as well as Phoenix.

Vanessa has been embracing mom life, even posting a funny picture on Instagram where she made fun of herself. “Yup I am officially THAT mom and I freakin love it!” she captioned a photo of her two older kids in matching jammies, with a pair of tiny jammies for Phoenix on the couch. So cute! Nick and Vanessa, who have been married since 2011, recently opened up about their relationship,and Nick confessed that even though cliché, communication is key. “You don’t want to look back and resent not being heard.” he explained. We totally agree with that,and agree that these two are an adorable couple, and now parents to three adorable kiddos as well!


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