I recently came across this 5-minute video featured in TED (ted.com) and found it quite interesting. The premise of its speaker Graham Hill as its title suggests: Less stuff, more […]

The Write Away Writers Workshop was just a dream I shared several months ago to Ma’am Fe Jennifer B. Perez of People Dimension Training and Development Center. This month of […]

My apologies to those who of you who have been following these readings of the Bible in Butuanon and to those who are also desirous of learning more of the […]

This month will not end without me updating you on the the 2nd part of our journey in learning more about the Butuanon language and of course, learning more about […]

One of the pastors here in Butuan City, Ian V. Calo, has shared to me a working translation of the Book of Mark from the Bible in Butuanon. I believe […]

From Cover to Cover

There are books you read that can change your perspective. And there are those that can change your life. I wasn’t yet in my teens when I met a pastor […]

TEN15 Shirts: Wear and Inspire

That’s right. What we wear can inspire us as well as others 🙂 That’s something that TEN15 shirts hope to bring to one’s day which may be filled with challenges […]