The Write Away Writers Workshop was just a dream I shared several months ago to Ma’am Fe Jennifer B. Perez of People Dimension Training and Development Center. This month of […]

Work in Progress

I admit that I have not been able to update this blog as regularly as I could. One reason is that I am not really sure at times what to […]

Balak: Ang Panaw sa Usa ka Hummingbird

Ang Panaw sa Usa ka Hummingbird Palandonga nga ang hummingbird– ang kinagamyang langgam ning kalibotan– kansang gidak-on ingon ra sa imong kumagko, mopanaw og labing layo aron pagbalhin inig ilis […]

Writing Cebuano Poetry

Not many of my friends know that I pen poems from time to time. And they may even be surprised to know that other than poems in English, I actually […]

Welcome to My World

No, this is not a food blog. Really. While you may have often associated the word Deli with food, beginning today hopefully you will also associate it with a person: […]

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