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No, this is not a food blog. Really.

While you may have often associated the word Deli with food, beginning today hopefully you will also associate it with a person: me. Deli is a shortened form of my name, one coined by my lovely Finnish friends whom I met in Thailand in 2006. I have chosen to use it in the blogging world since 2011.

Riding an elephant with a friend in Thailand, 2006.
Riding an elephant with a friend in Thailand, 2006.

Now, what can you expect from this blog? It will contain the varied slices of my life — my interests, thoughts, opinions. And since I have gained years in my life, my memories will also find their place here. I would also be sharing some parts of my daily journey along with my hubby in this adventure called life, all with the hope that I might somehow be able to inspire and encourage others.

And so, here we go. Welcome to DeliLiving. Welcome to my world.

Note: To know more about my professional background [and to consider hiring me for a project or two!], check out my linked in and g plus accounts 🙂  Or email me: bridges2day(at)yahoo(dot)com

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