I just realized that today is the last day of September! Whew! The month seemed to move faster than I was ready for 🙂

Well, I thought I better write a new post for this blog. I have made a to-do list that includes regularly updating my blogs (all 6 of them, including this one!) And I would not be able to cross out that part of my list if I fail to write here.

Low-Key Month. Other than the birthday of my husband as well as some family members this month, September has been pretty low key for me this year.

Well, I have to add that God gave me some unexpected provision this month, which have been helpful to write off some bills and more 🙂  But one other significant event for me this month, specifically in the blogosphere, is that I got what I wished for. And for free!

Yes, wishes do come true and in unexpected ways, too!

More Blogs (blog pa more!).  I have been thinking actually for several months if I should add more blogs. One reason behind this was I wanted to start something new (yup, the pioneer in me at work again!). Another reason was I thought of writing some topics which would not fit in my other blogs, including this one.

What stopped me from getting a new blog right away was also two-fold: the cost (I don’t use free blogging sites so that means I pay for my domain name and hosting) and if I could actually work on it (that is, regularly update it). Because let’s face it, sometimes we can have good plans, wishes but then in the end we might not be able to fulfill them 🙂 And so getting a new blog or two was just at the back of my mind. That is until a friend of mine asked our blogging group on Facebook if anyone was interested to have a new blog. She said she was giving out two (she is into blog hosting, check out AJ Domains). I inquired if this meant domain name and hosting. Now, to cut the story short, she decided to give me two blogs! That comes with free domain names and hosting for a year 🙂 How cool is that!

Living the Wish. So here I am, living the wish 🙂  As of now, I have come up with the domain names for the two sites. What I need to do now is to fill the sites with blog posts. Well, topics are still brewing on my mind. I will be writing on them very soon 🙂

Here are my two new sites to watch out for:

Just Living Forward

All Woman Live

My idea with Just Living Forward is to fill it up with posts about the working life, its challenges. While All Woman Live will deal with women concerns. Those are just the basic ideas behind the blogs. I might still add some eventually.

So before September ends, I would like to say I am thankful and that I look forward to all that is yet ahead. Despite the tedium of life at times, it is still good 🙂 And yes, God is still good and very much on His throne 🙂