I recently came across this 5-minute video featured in TED (ted.com) and found it quite interesting. The premise of its speaker Graham Hill as its title suggests: Less stuff, more happiness. You can check out his TED video here.

I grew up in a house which  has a larger space than the house I now have with my husband. But it has never really occurred to me wanting a bigger one than what we have now. My reason has always been that a bigger house means more time is needed to maintain it, keep it clean as it could mean more stuff ending up there.

Personally, I prefer a house where I know where all my stuff is, one  I can just clean by myself. And I want everything in that house to have a clear purpose for being there. This means I do give away and throw away stuff that I think is just occupying space at home (for whatever reason, writing that line reminded me of the Scientific definition of matter: anything that occupies space and has weight).

Early on in our marriage, I sometimes earned the ire of my husband when he looked for some stuff and it’s no longer there as I had already “edited” it from our home, from our life (and for this I have learned through the years to ask him first 🙂 ).

Does having less things indeed mean more happiness? I think so. It also means more freedom to pursue these: relating with the family, investing in the lives of others in need outside our home and going after things which have an eternal significance.

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