I recently came across this 5-minute video featured in TED (ted.com) and found it quite interesting. The premise of its speaker Graham Hill as its title suggests: Less stuff, more […]

Vanessa Lachey is in love with her Valentine! New baby Phoenix Robert was born on Christmas Eve, and he is definitely a mama’s boy! In a new video shared on […]

As I take time to read the Word of God, to meditate, to pray in the morning or at night, I play some instrumental or soaking music as well on […]

The Write Away Writers Workshop was just a dream I shared several months ago to Ma’am Fe Jennifer B. Perez of People Dimension Training and Development Center. This month of […]

Have you considered colon cleansing lately? Friends have mentioned it to me and has referred this specific product. Read on and find out more about it. Toxins in your colon […]

There was this one long weekend when I was still a college student in Cebu when I came home to Bohol. Aside from a class-free Saturday and Sunday for me, […]